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roof restoration Logan

Roof Restoration and Replacement Logan

Do you have an old roof that is devaluing your property?

Add incredible value to your property by restoring your existing roof: we clean, paint and repair roofs of any material!

roof repair Logan

Roof Repair Logan

Roof rusted out? Asbestos roof devaluing your property?

Replace your roof to protect your biggest asset: your home.

We work with tile, metal (Colorbond included) and many other materials

guttering Logan

Guttering Logan

The guttering system of your home is essential to proper drainage of rainwater.

We clean, repair or replace all kinds of gutters.

We also install gutter guards, find out if you could benefit from this great invention!

Our roof and guttering process

Are you needing some work done on your roof or gutters? 

The first step is to get in touch with your local, friendly Logan roofer 

Get your free quote

FREE on site quotes to give you an idea of what we need to do to either restore, repair, clean or replace your roof or gutters on your Logan property.

We do the work

We book a date and do the work. We abide by health and safety regulations so you don’t have to worry about providing anything for us on the day!

We clean up

An important factor is the clean up. We leave your property even better than when we found it. We take pride in our work and treat your home like our own. 

The importance of your roof to your Logan property

Our roofs are often an overlooked feature of our houses. But when you think about it, your roof is what provides protection from the elements, shelter, privacy and warmth (or shade in the summer).

Like any other part of your house, your roof needs to be maintained.

The materials that roofs and gutters are made our of are very durable and are made to withstand the harsh Australian climate under the right conditions. The right conditions include being cleaned regularly and any damage be repaired quickly.

Ensure your roof lasted for decades by getting your roof cleaned regularly and repaired as damage occurs.

Not only will you rest assured knowing you won’t have any sneaky leaks in your home, ruining your flooring or causing mould to grow which can lead to health issues for all of your family, a happy and healthy roof will also add significant value to your property in Logan.



Your roof can add value to your home!

If you are thinking of selling your Logan property in the future, a new or new looking roof will add a lot of value to your property.

Your neighbours will also thank you for investing in your roof because it will add street value, and your neighbours get to look at your pretty new roof!

Take pride in your home, your roof is an important feature in aesthetics as well as functionality of your home.



The importance of gutters to your Logan property


Guttering systems are also a really important feature to the health of your home. They collect the rain water and deliver it to the appropriate drain.

If you have rusted, cracked gutters and downpipes you may have bigger issues to do with the foundations of your home if you don’t address the problems quickly.

Water that drains directly to the foundations of your home repeatedly due to a leak in your gutters can cause movement in your foundations which will lead to cracks in your walls, windows not aligning up and a whole headache of repairs to be done.

Did we mention those repairs could be really costly?

To prevent build up of debris, leaves, pests you’ll need to have your gutters regularly cleaned.

As the home owner it is your responsibility when you rent out your property, one a tenant is in place, it is their responsibility.

Check the terms and conditions of your lease to make sure!

If you find pests making nests in your gutters you may want to consider installing gutter guards.

Gutter guards are a mesh like structure that prevents debris and pests from entering the gutters therefore extending the life of your gutters and decreasing the amount of cleaning required to keep the gutters draining well.

Happy Clients in Logan

Very happy with the guys from Logan Roof and Gutters. They repaired the leaking roof quickly and effectively: no more leaks! 



Got my gutters cleaned by these guys, they were affordable, polite and cleaned up after themselves.



Happy with the outcome of my new roof. Looks great with our renovated home, definitely adds value. 


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