Many homeowners consider their homes as their most valuable asset and will do everything required to maintain and protect it. As a homeowner of a principal place of residency or an investment property, it should be one of your priorities to maintain and assess your asset regularly. One of the most important parts of protecting your asset is to maintain your roof. When you choose to invest in your home, especially on your roof, you will get more than you pay for later.

Your roof shields your home from the sweltering heat, gusty winds, storms, and the coldness of winter. It provides privacy and keeps rodents and pests at bay. Hence, making your roof one of the most valuable assets of your home, providing protection to all your belongings and anyone inside. By staying on top of the condition of your roof over time and addressing repairs in a timely way, you will get the best out of your investment for decades to come. Consider a roof restoration if you have just bought an older property or you are renovating, as a roof restoration is a key to avoiding a costly overhaul down the line, by preventing the need to replace your roof. It is the secret to saving more with your home restoration projects.

Stay on top of the condition of your roof and repair the following problems as soon as you can to prevent further damage: 

  • A leaking roof
  • Broken shingles
  • Sedimentary or grainy build-ups
  • Chipping on the coating of your roof
  • Damaged gutters causing leaks and rust
  • Sagging gutters or sections of the roof
  • Moss and critters in gutters and in the roof cavity including birds and possums
Roof tiler restoring the roof in Daisy Hill.

The roof restoration process

The process to restore your roof involves:

  • Inspection (to find any problems that need fixing)
  • Replacing any tiles or metal sheets that are damaged 
  • Roof repointing and re-bedding
  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Sealing
  • Make sure your gutter system is working well and in tip-top shape 
Look out for the tell-tale signs of damage on your ceilingthey are an indication of maintenance.

Reasons to invest in your roof

Cheaper and an environmentally friendly alternative to replacing your roof

When you take care of things, they last. Before proceeding to call a roof replacement company why not step out for a bit and examine the current state of your roof? Consider that it may be able to be restored to its former glory and that in order to achieve your desired outcome you don’t need a whole new roof. It pays to be proactive when it comes to house maintenance and repairs. Starting to observe minor leakage or cracks starting to show on your ceiling? Take the first step by getting a roofer to inspect your roof. Roof restoration helps you prevent the need for full replacement of your roof in the future. 

You will not only cut down the costs of a brand new roof, but the environment will also thank you for giving your roof a second chance in life rather than opting to overhaul your roof. A roof restoration will also aid you in cutting down your electricity bill costs. If your current roof is not properly sealed, chances are, your home will feel hotter than usual in the summer and will not retain heat optimally in the winter. Leading to an increase in air conditioning usage which has its financial implications. It’s time to seal your home—roof restoration will also make your home warmer during chilly winter mornings.

Depending on the size of the house and the area to be refurbished, the average cost of a new roof installation can be around $28 to $38 per m2 for a small roof, $22 to $28 per m2 for a medium-sized roof, $17 to $22 per m2 for a larger roof (an updated 2022 estimate according to Hipages). That’s a bit on the costly side, eh? Save your money and resources by investing in restoring your roof instead. 

Improve the look of your house

The aesthetic appeal of a clean, well-maintained roof with the reliability of sturdy materials with integrity will add significant value and street appeal to your home. Repainting and restoring your current roof might be the best investment of your resources in order to get the outcome you are looking for: a stunning house. 

If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future, a well-maintained roof would definitely add to the selling value of your home. You will find that the number of potential buyers will increase when the property is in good shape, without requiring repairs or renovations straight away. Not only will you ensure that you’re now worry-free when it comes to leaks and other external factors, but you also effortlessly increase the aesthetic value of your home by giving your roof another shot.

Make your roof last a long time

In Queensland, the weather can be a little unpredictable. Hailstorms, torrential rain, and harsh sun to name a few, are what your roof is exposed to on a daily basis. If there is one major investment in an area of your home, it should be your roof. Consult a reliable roofer for advice regarding choosing specialized elastomeric coating or similar technologies to protect your roof from external factors. By sealing your roofing materials with specialist paint and membranes, you will protect the materials, making them last much longer than if they were left bare. 

Protect the integrity of your home including the structural beams from decay and your ceiling from water damage

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense from external threats, which weaken your home’s structural integrity over time. The beams of your roof, your ceiling, and walls, all rely on the protection of your roof from the elements. Equip your roof with the best construction standards and materials to make sure that it will provide long-standing protection for the interior of your home. Replacing structural beams of your roof will involve significant costs, the good news is, you should not ever have to replace these beams, given the right conditions. To protect the structural beams of your roof, you need to ensure no moisture enters the roof cavity, even as small as a small leak can lead to water damage and rot of the beams if left unrepaired. Your ceiling is easier and cheaper to replace than your beams; however, if your ceiling is showing signs of damage such as water stains, your beams are also at risk of the same thing.

Peace of mind from rodents and pests

Dark, quiet roof cavities provide the perfect hideaway for birds, possums, snakes, and pesky critters. Broken or cracked roofs are the perfect entry spots that these animals are exactly looking for! When they start to inhabit even the smallest cracks, these animals may cause the entire destruction of your roof in the long run by eating away at the beams and impacting the integrity of the roof, exposing the insides such as beams and your ceiling, to the weather. Starting from your gutters, the environment of your roof will either attract these pests or deter them. Routinely removing stuck objects by climbing up your roof is not only a chore but could also pose a dangerous task, especially on mossy or wet roofs. One solution that could be the answer to your pesky problem is gutter guard installation. Gutter guards are a special roll of a mesh-type material that prevents rodents and birds from invading your gutters. They also block leaves and branches from getting stuck in your gutters. It doesn’t only help you maintain your gutters, but it also protects your downpipes and stormwater drainage from becoming blocked.

By maintaining your roof and gutter systems, you can relax at the fact that you ensure a working drainage system that will protect you from animals and overflowing gutters.

Gearing up for rainy days: roof restoration will help you save up more.

At what stage is a roof restoration not enough?

Generally speaking, the longevity of traditional roofs is designed to usually last for 20 to 25 years at most, but in between those years, telltale signs for roof repair might start showing up earlier. Many homeowners decide to settle with a roof restoration before replacing their roof, both for practical and financial reasons. While eventually your restored roof will deteriorate and need another round of TLC, a roof restoration will definitely make your roof last longer, offering you an extra 10-15 years of added protection. Need we say more?


Home renovations and restorations are undeniably expensive and your roof is one of the most costly parts of your home, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on replacing your roof! By being on your guard, making consistent efforts to periodically maintain your roof, repair damages, and seal it with the correct membranes, you save yourself from the trouble of having to replace your roof prematurely. Consider that you can restore your roof to its former glory rather than needing to replace it altogether. You will save money, be gentler on the environment, and will get a lasting outcome for a fraction of the cost to replace it. Depending on your roof type, and pitch, whether it is high set or single storey, a roof restoration requires a roofing team that is experienced, knowledgeable, and great at problem-solving. We take great pride in our ability to restore roofs across Logan and surrounding areas to their former glory. Servicing suburbs across Logan and South East QLD, our team proudly offers professional roofing services at affordable rates. Get an onsite free quote by calling (07) 4800 3004

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