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The gutter system of your home is SO important.

It captures the rain water off of your roof, delivers it to your downpipes and down to the appropriate drain.

Without properly working gutters, you’ll have rain water and debris from your roof leaking all around your home!

What a lot of home owners in Logan forget is that your gutters need to be cared for to ensure that they work properly!

Regular cleaning of your gutters, repairing any rusted or damaged bits, keeping them positioned properly and painting them to add value, all of these tasks help to keep your gutters working well and looking great.

Gutter guard installation is a very viable option for home owners to be considering when dealing with their guttering.

Gutter guards sit above your gutters, catching any debris that would have entered your gutters leading to blocked gutters, overflowing guttering and blocked downpipes.

Logan roof and gutters offer an array of guttering services for your home, investment property or commercial property in Logan. 


Gutter Guards Logan 

Mesh like protective layer  that catches the debris such as leaves, bird droppings etc before it enters your gutter system.

Gutter guards come in a variety of materials, mostly they are made of plastic or polyethylene, aluminium, stainless steel, and Colorbond.

Logan roof and gutters install and maintain these gutter guards, by having them installed in your gutter system, you can decrease the amount of build up in your gutters therefore decrease the cleaning and maintenance of your gutters.

This is especially important if you are collecting rain water in a tank. You will have much less leaves and other particles in your rainwater tank to deal with when you have these gutter guards installed.

Keep in mind that gutter guards do not mean that your gutters never have to be cleaned, just a bit less often because there is less build up of leaves and debris.

To get the best longevity out of your gutter guards, they need to be cleaned regularly to make sure the material doesn’t deteriorate.

Ask your friendly, local, Logan roofer what your options are and get a FREE quote on gutter guard installation and make a decision that is right for you and your situation.

Need your Gutters cleaned or repaired?

Gutter Cleaning Logan

Let’s face it, roofs are fairly expensive. Your roof is an investment  that you need to look after. Guttering is a very important part to your roof!

When gutters are blocked, broken, leaning off of the side of your house, this will lead to faster deterioration of your roof.

Not only do dirty and blocked gutters damage your roof but they also look pretty nasty.

Keep your gutter system working optimally and looking neat and tidy with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance.


What is involved with cleaning your gutters?


Your friendly roofer will remove the debris and leaves that are in your current gutters, use equipment such as high pressure hose and vacuum to ensure the mess is not going everywhere, you’d be surprised how much build up there could be in your gutters!

We will also flush your downpipes to ensure that there is no blockage there and will let you know our findings and if any repair is necessary or recommended.

Storm season is particularly important to have your gutters working well.

Summer in Logan can get pretty hairy with heavy rain and wind therefore you’ll want to have dealt with your gutters before the rain hits and have peace of mind that you won’t need to worry about your gutters when it’s pouring outside.

You can extend the life of your guttering through regular cleaning and even more when gutter repairs are done quickly when a problem is found, rather than letting a cracked gutter turn into something more challenging to fix (and costly!)

Cost of cleaning your gutters will depends on the size of your home, the height and pitch of your roofing and how long it has been since your last clean (how much build up there is!) and also whether or not you have gutter guards installed already, speak to your guttering contractor to get a quote today.  



Gutter Repair Logan

As mentioned above, your gutters are also prone to deterioration just because they are exposed to the elements 24/7!

Signs that your gutter system needs repairing include leaking or overflowing gutters, noticeable cracks or rusted areas, poorly adjoined corners and sagging gutters.


Common repair jobs that our roofers do to fix your gutters

  • repairing cracks/holes in the gutter from damage by re-siliconing areas
  • re-securing and adjusting the gutters of areas that are poorly adjoined
  • replacing segments of the gutters that are affected by rust/damage 

When appropriate, our roofers will recommend gutter replacement whether the entire guttering system or segments. This is because it will be more costly to repair all of it and you will be left with gutters that won’t work optimally.



Gutter Replacement Logan

As discussed above, some gutters just simply need to be replaced. Whether its a segment of guttering that is replaced or the whole gutter system all together, our roofers are experienced, efficient and will leave your house nice and tidy because they clean up after themselves! 


When is it best to replace gutters?

  • when buying a home that you have just renovated, replaced or restored the roofing, your gutter system very well might need an upgrade
  • add value to your home or investment property
  • safety- maybe your sagging gutters are more of a hazard than meets the eye! Sagging gutters may also lead to unsafe areas where the build up of debris and poorly draining water causes the gutters to break all together and could injure someone as they fall
  • water quality- important for those collecting rainwater, do you want rusty gutters contaminating that water? or the lichen build up? Water is precious to us Logan locals, replacing your gutters could be a good way to ensure you collect rain water and can use it optimally!


We are happy to discuss what options you have with replacing your guttering system in your Logan property.

Our Gutter Repair and Cleaning Process in Logan

If you are looking for professionals with good attitudes to work on your roof and gutters, you have found the ones!

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