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    Residential Roof Restoration

    We provide high quality roofing services to homeowners across Logan and surrounding areas. Our roof and gutter services for residential properties include:

    • repair any issues (repointing etc)
    • Clean
    • Seal
    • Paint
    • tend to gutter system
    warehouse metal re roofing

    Commercial Roof Restoration

    Comprehensive, throrough roof restoration for commercial properties of all sizes, from small businesses to large industrial estates:

    • repairs and replacement of damaged areas
    • thorough clean and prepare the surface for painting 
    • protective coats
    • painting
    • gutters

    Quality Roof Restoration Services in Logan & Surrounding Areas

    Your roof is a very important feature of your home. Like every other part of your home, your roof needs to be looked after every once in a while in order to maintain its integrity, prevent leaks in the roof and to ensure that your insurance will still cover you!

    Your friendly, local, Logan Roofer will have all the skills, resources and tools that they need to help you fix or repair your roof, whatever the situation, we can help you.



      Quality Roof Restoration Logan


    If you are wanting to add value to your home in Logan, you won’t want to forget about your roof and gutter system.  

    An old roof will take away from your beautiful home. Perhaps you have renovated, or maybe you have just bought a house or investment property and want to add value before you get it re valued… a roof restoration might be the best investment you can make!


    colorbond roof installation in Queensland
    roof replacement colorbond with solar installed

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     What is involved in a roof restoration? 

    Depending on the existing condition of your roof, to get your roof into a lovely condition where it adds value to your home it may require any of the following:

    • Clean your roof
    • Paint your roof 
    • Tile replacement 
    • Repointing Perhaps your roof restoration will involve the works! Or perhaps you’re just after a touch up of paint.  

    Something to consider is that with a roof restoration, you may need to think about your gutter system because the last thing you want is for your roof to be looking all glamorous but then your guttering is dragging the team down with its rusty exterior and peeling paint.

    It is common for roofers to advise you that your gutter system needs to be restored or replaced at the time of the roof restoration, this is because the team is already there, the equipment is out and you won’t have to organise for the team to return at another time once you look at your beautiful roof and realise you need a gutters replacement

    Get a FREE quote today on a roof restoration to find out what our professional roofing services recommend to get your roof working and looking optimal.

    What is the difference between a roof restoration and a roof repair?

    Roof repairs involve fixing a specific problem such as fixing a cracked tile in the roof that is leading to a leak, or removing an affected panel that was affected by a falling branch in a storm. These types of problems require roof repairs, as opposed to a roof that needs to be cleaned, painted, some places repaired, in order to look good. Ultimately roof restorations aim to improve the aesthetics as well as the functionality of a roof, whether it be for re selling purposes, or to compliment a renovation that is being undertaken on your home or investment property. 

    Our roof restoration services are for residential as well as for commercial properties in Logan and the surrounding areas. 

    Our team mainly services Logan, including Shailer Park and Beenleigh, and we travel to areas on the Gold Coast, Brisbane as well as Ipswich.


    Effective Roof Cleaning Services

    It is amazing to see the difference that a good clean has to the appearance of your roof.

    Our roofing services are delivered by roofers who are trained and comply with all occupational health and safety precautions regarding slippery, high surfaces! Which is the biggest risk when it comes to cleaning a roof is how easy it is to slip over if you aren’t prepared or careful.

    High pressure hose will clean your roof of debris, algae, moss and even lichen.

    There may be situations where we need to actually scrape or scrub off the stubborn things, and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.

    If you have an asbestos roof, it is very important that you do not use a high pressure anything near the roof! this is because bits of asbestos fibres can become airborne and put yourself, your loved ones and even your neighbours at risk of inhaling the fibres and becoming really ill with asbestosis.

    You can never be too careful with this material, give us a call to find out what our professional roofers recommend with your asbestos roof.

    Quality Roof Painting

    Once your roof is cleaned, painting your roof is definitely a value adding investment! Have you ever noticed how a painted roof can make a house feel decades younger in an instant?!  Take a look around your neighbouring streets in Logan to see if this is true.

    Not only does painting your roof make your house look younger, it can also protect the materials of your roof.

    Roof paint acts as a protective membrane that adheres to the primer used on your roof and adds another layer of protection from the elements.

    Heat reflective paint is also an option for you to choose. Especially in the hot Logan summers, it might be something you want to look into!

    Good quality roofing paint can increase the longevity of your roof: you take care of your roof and home even just by the type and quality of paint you choose!

    If you are curious to know what your options are with the roof painting process for your home in Logan, contact us to get a FREE quote and we will give you our honest opinion on which of our roofing services would get you the best outcome.

    Roof Repointing & Re-bedding

    If you have a leaky roof this may be the culprit!

    The cement mortar used to keep tiling in place may be cracked, chipped or just deteriorating all together. If this is the case, you need a roofer to re-bed your roof. You may notice loose tiles, leaking roof or a crumbling pile of cement coming off your roof, contact a local Logan roofer today to find out what we can do to repair your roof.

    Repointing on a roof refers to the additional layer of strong protective material that goes over the initial bedding. This helps to further protect your roof, your home and ensures that roof tiles stay in place.

    Roof Tile Replacement

    Got a tile roof that is cracked or has loose tiles? You need a tile roofer that has the know-how to fix your tiled roof efficiently and properly.

    The roofer will remove any damaged tiles, remove any damaged bedding, re-bed and re-point the area and replace the tiles with identical looking tiles. Once the new tiles are in place (and it is watertight) the roofer will clean your roof and if you are wanting can restore the rest of your roof too.

    Roof Restoration Cost in Logan

    The cost of restoring your roof will depend on the existing condition of your roof and what is required to restore it. The cost will also be dependent on:

    • how large the surface area of your roof is
    • the pitch of your roof and how accessible it is (how difficult it is for our roofers to work on it!
    • the type of finish that you require

    Get a FREE quote for your roof restoration in Logan by contacting us. This way our experienced roofers can give you a detailed and honest quote for what work needs to be done on your roof to get it looking and functioning the way you need it to! We pride ourselves in doing a great job, using quality products, utilising our combined many years experience in the roofing industry in South East QLD.  

    A Wide Range of Roof Replacement Options

    There are times when your roof just needs to be removed all together and replaced with a new, functional and pretty roof!

    Our Logan roofer will give you a professional, honest and trustworthy opinion on whether a roof repair or restoration is not an option and requires a new roof to be installed.

    Maybe you don’t need convincing, perhaps you’ve just renovated your lovely character home and realise that your roof will put a damper on things if you don’t replace it to match the newly renovated home.

     Situations when a roof replacement are required:

    • your existing roof is damaged beyond reasonable repair (it would cost too much to repair it and the integrity is already compromised) for example in situations where a storm has damaged your roof with a fallen tree
    • you’ve renovated your home and you require a new roof to match the facelift you’ve given your home
    • you’re about to get your property revalued and you need your roof to add value to your property- consider replacing your gutter system at the same time because the last thing you want is a lovely new roof that is detracted from by ugly, old, rusted out gutters that steal the attention!
    • Your existing roof is asbestos and you want to remove the hazard and replace it with a modern roof


    Residential and Commercial Roofing Services 

    Roof Replacement

    Roof Restoration

    Roof Repairs

    Commercial Roofing

    Gutter Replacement

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    Our roof restoration or replacement process in Logan

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