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    Roofing Contractors Russell Island & Macleay Island Residents Can Trust 

    When it comes to your roof, you need a dependable solution to ensure you have the protection you need over your head. In addition to being built tough, you want something that looks great and turns heads in the neighbourhood for the right reasons. The only way to guarantee these things is by choosing a qualified roofer that services Russell Island and Macleay Island, someone who knows the trade inside out. 

    We offer several exceptional roofing services, including the following:

    Whether you need a whole new roof or just need some touch-ups, we have you covered with our elite team of roofing contractors servicing Russell Island and Macleay Island. Reach out today so we can get started.


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    Getting a roofer to your Russell Island or Macleay Island home can be a serious struggle

    With few options available for quality roofing services, getting your roof replaced or restored can be challenging, the first hurdle is finding a company that will come out to the island! However, you don’t need to settle for less than the best for your needs.

    When you rely on us, we’ll ensure your roof is a solid structure protecting you and your home from the elements. We take our jobs seriously, providing precision results on every project. 

    Looking for professional roofing services in Russell Island & Macleay Island?

    re roofing russell island

    Re Roofing

    Whether you have significant roof damage that would cost too much to repair or you need an asbestos roof removed, we offer excellent re roofing services. When we’re finished, you’ll have a stunning new roof to enjoy for decades. 

    roof restoration russell island

    Roof Restoration

    When your roof is still in good condition but needs some attention, we offer roof restoration services. We’ll bring it back as close as possible to its original condition through the following options:

    • Roof repairs
    • Cleaning
    • Sealing
    • Painting

    You’ll enjoy the removal of lichen, moss, and algae, making your roof look fantastic. Repointing will ensure the concrete mortar that holds your tiles in place is in phenomenal shape, maintaining it for years.

    gutter installation replacement russell island

    Gutter Replacement

    Your gutters are there to serve a very important purpose – directing water away from your home and preventing extensive damage to your property’s foundations. When they can no longer do this, it’s essential to hire a professional to replace them. If you notice sagging, cracked, leaking, or otherwise damaged gutters, call us, and we’ll be happy to replace them. Please be aware we do not repair or clean gutters, we only replace full gutter systems. 

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    An established roofing company servicing Russell Island and Macleay Island

    We’re a reliable roofing company that services Russell Island customers. Our work speaks for itself with the high-quality workmanship we put into every job we complete.

    • Established roofing company: We’re well-established in the South East community with a history of serving our customers well.
    • Decades of experience in the construction and roofing industries: With decades of experience under our belts, we have the skills and expertise needed to ensure your roof is in peak condition. 
    • Good communication: Keeping our customers in the loop throughout their projects is essential to making each one a success. You’ll never wonder what the next step is or where you stand because we’ll always keep you updated.
    • Durable results thanks to high-quality materials and doing things properly: We only use durable materials that are built to last. In addition, we install them according to the correct specifications, which ensures the best long term results.
    • Commercial and residential: We provide our high-quality services to homeowners and business owners.
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    Residential and Commercial Roofing Services 

    Roof Replacement

    Roof Restoration

    Roof Repairs

    Commercial Roofing

    Gutter Replacement

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    More about our Russell Island Roofing Services

    Need your roof replaced?

    Re roofing is a great option when repairs are reoccuring, and the costs add up to more than a new roof. We’ll remove your old, damaged roof and replace it with a stunning new roof of your choice, we even work with asbestos roof removal and replacement. One of our popular choices for new roof installation is Colorbond, which is guaranteed to last for a very long time. If you’re unsure of whether you need a restoration or a roof replacement, our team of qualified experts can perform a detailed inspection to determine the extent of your roofing troubles and better yet, go through a series of questions over the phone to determine which one would be more appropriate. If you only have minor issues, we’d recommend restoration to preserve your otherwise good roof. However, if you simply want to remodel your home for a whole new look, or your roof is too far gone and becoming a black hole of resources when it comes to repair, a roof replacement is the ideal way to go.

    Got an asbestos roof?

    Up until the 1980s, asbestos was commonly used as a roofing material. Once it was discovered that the material was actually very harmful to human health, manufacturers stopped using it. Today, it takes specialised crews to remove it from homes, especially with roofs, considering the large surface area involved. We offer this service when an asbestos roof needs to be replaced. We’ll carefully remove it section by section, then, we’ll place them in special containers that will be hauled away to a hazardous waste handling facility. Because this job is particularly hazardous, it must be handled by crews trained in how to safely work with the material, and we’re up to the task. Please note, we do not repair or restore asbestos roofs, we only remove and replace with different materials. 

    Get your roof restored to its former glory

    If you don’t have significant roofing troubles, you can turn to us for a roof restoration. We do everything, including fixing, painting, sealing, cleaning, and more. When we’re done, your roof will be nearly as perfect as the first day you had it. This option is ideal for preserving the lifespan of your existing roof and protecting your wallet. However, if you need restoration services more frequently, investing in a roof replacement may be in your best interest. Over the long haul, this could be more cost-effective as repairs can add up over time. We do not do bandaid fixes.

    Full gutter replacement service

    Gutters are essential for your home and business. You need them to safely carry water away from the property to prevent damage to the building. You need a replacement when you notice sagging, cracks, leaks, or other damage as soon as possible. These problems can all lead to significant damage that costs more than the gutter replacement would have. If your problems are minor and isolated to one small section of the gutter system, your best bet would be to reach out to a company that does repairs instead of paying for an entire replacement project. However, if a replacement is what you’re after, give us a call 

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