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    tile to tin roof replacement Loganlea

    Residential Roof Repair

    Thorough, comprehensive roof repair to get the problem fixed once and for all. We repair roofs properly, no bandaid fixes. 

    Work with a reputable roofing company, licensed and insured to get the best outcome for your roof. 

    warehouse metal re roofing

    Commercial Roof Repair

    Licensed and insured, our roof repair services will make sure your roof is taken care of properly.

    Our team regularly works with commercial and industrial clients, ensuring that we have the personnel and licensing to tackle even the large projects. 

    Roof Repairs By Reliable, Licensed Contractors in Logan

    Have you got a leaking roof that needs some urgent attention?

    It is often only when something goes wrong with our roof or gutter system that we appreciate the reliability of our roof.  

    When you think about it, our roof is exposed to the harsh Queensland weather conditions all year round, and like any other piece of our house it will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. 

    Regular maintenance, cleaning and fixing problems promptly will reduce the deterioration of your roof.

    However there are times when a problem goes un-noticed such as a broken tile that leads to a leak in your roof which leads to mould growth in your living room, these sorts of situations require a professional roofer to diagnose the problem and provide a solution that is not just a band aid fix but address the root cause of the issue with your roof. Our team offers the highest quality workmanship, which is built on years of experience with a wide range of roofing materials and problems. This experience and background enable our roofers to be efficient with our time and yours, effective with resources and accurate with quotes. We do our best to make our customers happy with the outcome of their roof repairs, which means that they don’t have to call us back!

    During our inspection of your roof, we may identify other problems that need to be addressed in order to fix the problem, we may recommend that other jobs such as roof restoration be undertaken, this may involve re-sealing and painting your roof on top of repairs. Our team recommends services that are required and will add value or address the problem, not just to upsell!

    We offer our roof repair services to residents in Logan, the Gold Coast, Brisbane Southside, Ipswich and Beenleigh. Please call us to find out if we can come to you if you are outside of these areas.


    The difference between a roof restoration and a roof repair 

    Roof restorations refer to the process to bring your existing roof back to it’s former glory. This includes roof painting and cleaning, repairing any damages, replacing damaged sections, re sealing and top coating your existing roof. 

    A roof repair refers to repairing a damaged section of roof to address problems such as a leak, some rust, a crack or deteriorated sections. A repair is appropriate when the damage is able to be fixed by cost effective measures, if the damage is widespread, a roofer may suggest roof replacement instead of repair, our team only suggests this if they honestly believe you’d be better off with a new roof because we are all aware of the resources required to replace roof and we want to make sure what we suggest is in your best interest.

    What type of roofing problem do you need fixed?

    Leaking Roof Repair 

    Probably the most common problem to do with roofing: a leaky roof!

    Protected by your roof, your home and contents inside are dependent on a watertight roof to not be exposed to the elements!

    From a small little leak to a severe ‘waterfall’ type leak in your home, all leaking roofs need attention because they can lead to expensive and severe damage to your home and contents if not addressed. Whether the leak in your roof is caused by gutters that need gutter replacement or a problem with your roof itself, the problems needs to be addressed quickly to prevent further damage.

    The risks of leaving a leaking roof unfixed is that you could be left with problems to the foundations of your home because overtime, moisture can make its way into the home, into the foundations and promote movement or rotting of the foundations of your home. This could lead to cracks, unsafe structures, mould, deteriorating contents such as furniture, clothes etc as a result of mould growth.

    Moral of the story is: get your leaking roof fixed by a professional roofer that will investigate the root cause of the problem and not just provide you with a band aid fix.

    Leaking roof repair Logan south East QLD

    Does your tile roof need repair? Tiles are durable and versatile but not unsusceptible to damage


    A very common material used in roofing in Queensland is tile. Historically, they are an obvious choice for many home owners in Logan due to the durability of the tiles which promote longevity of the roof and housing structure as well as the array of choices that they come in both style and colour.  

    Like every other material, weather will deteriorate your tile roof, especially when a storm hits or high winds that can lead to loose tiles and broken tiles.

    Roof repairs for a tiled roof might be a simple fix such as removing the broken tile and replacing it with a new tile, but getting a roofer to have a look to see if any damage was done to the ridge capping, the bedding or pointing will ensure that whatever fix is provided will last the test of time and will not be a weak point in your roof for future damage. 

    The cause of the broken tile may be due to blocked gutters that lead to water pooling next to a tile which leads to deterioration of the material, when a roofing contractor is inspection the roof, they may identify that gutter replacement of repair is required to maintain the integrity of your roof and ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

    We pride ourselves in delivering quality workmanship throughout our many years of experience with our valued clients in the local area. 


    tile roof repairs Logan

    Effective Metal Roofing Repairs 

    Roof rusted out? It depends on the widespread of the rust as to whether it is worth it to repair the rusty metal roof or to replace it all together 

    If rust isn’t the problem with your metal roofing, it may be that it wasn’t installed properly in the first place which means that there are areas such as the joins that are not water tight and over time, rain gets in and affects the structure of your roofing.

    Our roofing contractors will investigate what the issue is with your metal roof and give you experienced advice as to what the best use of your resources is: repair or replacement of your metal roof.

    We try the best we can when it is feasible to repair your roof rather than replace it for obvious reasons of it being a lot more costly to you but when our professional roofers find that your roof is damaged beyond reasonable amount of repairing then we will recommend a metal roof replacement and offer you with all the information and choices available to you as the home owner.

    Emergency Roofing Repairs in Logan


    Our team understands that you don’t plan for problems to arise with your roof when they do occur, therefore we allocate priority to our emergency calls for roofing repairs. This means that as soon as possible, you will have an experienced roofer at your property whether it be your home or business to investigate the problem and set up water tight measures that will ensure no further damage is done to your house until it can be properly repaired. 

    If we cannot help you in a timely matter, our staff will let you know upfront so that you can make alternative arrangements. We have built our reputation on being trustworthy, transparent and reliable over decades in the industry. 

    It is important to know what your insurance will cover in regards to your roof, always be up to date with any insurance policy changes so that when the roofer arrives at your property, you know what you are dealing with in regards to your insurance position, which may determine the extent of repairs or restoration that you may be able to afford.

    emergency roof repairs Logan city

    Commercial Roofing Repairs in Logan

    We offer roof repair for commercial properties including businesses, industry, Government buildings and much more. Often times problems that arise from commercial roofs are to do with leaks. If you have just bought a commercial property, make sure that you get your roof inspected by a professional roofer to fix any problems at the get-go before they become big issues. 

    Building and pest inspections should cover this however always best to make sure you know what you’re dealing with so you don’t get any nasty, costly surprises.

    The last thing you need is for normal business to be disrupted due to a leak or a hazardous roof.

    Get your commercial roof repaired by a reputable company. 

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    Our Roof Repair Process in Logan

    Got a problem with your roof that you need fixed?

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    We clean up

    We clean up after ourselves and take pride in our work therefore we treat your home like our own. 

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